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Liga My Followers and AFF

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2023 3:12 am
by DaughertyUSMC

If anyone can create a patch that will allow AFF to play well with the multiple follower mod " Liga of my companions" ... posts&BH=2#
it would be highly appreciated!!

As it stands, AFF throws an error when run in-game towit: "Unlimited Companion Framework not installed - Companion features disabled" when Liga of my companions is used. UCF as well as AFT are too buggy, out of date, and conflict with my custom follower mods. Liga is clean, up to date, maintained, and works well with custom followers like Ivy Companion 6, Heather Casdin, and "I am Darlene" - the other follower mods conflict badly. <<--- screenshot in-game of AFF warning.

I would really like to use animations in my game, but I am unable to do so with AFF because it is not recognizing Liga of my companions. This is a problem.

PM me on nexus (same username)
or "[email protected]"