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What is Moddingham for?

Moddingham offers an open invitation to mod authors from any game to host their files here.

How do I host my mod at Moddingham?

Simply register for an account and post it in the downloads section. Please just be sure that it fits within the few requirements that we do have (listed below).

What are the rules for mod hosting at Moddingham?

The main purpose of Moddingham is to provide a mod hosting site that does not restrict mod authors rights. You will always have the right to remove your mods at any time and for any or no reason. Based on input from anyone who wants to give it we plan on creating a document that further clarifies what mod author rights need to remain unchangeable by the site.

Are adult mods allowed?

At least for now: no. This is for multiple reasons:

  • It creates a moderation effort that is too big for our small team.
  • Is not something I am personally interested in if I am the only one owning the hosting. Could change with future/shared ownership.
  • There are already hosts available for those mods that honor mod author rights.
  • I'm pretty sure it's not allowed by the current host.

Who is behind Moddingham?

Right now it's myself and a few others who have helped with the AAF project. I am interested in expanding the ownership/leadership of the project and formalizing joint ownership of an entity. It just depends on whether or not anyone else is interested at that level and agrees with the project vision.

What about the other new mod hosting projects?

I fully support them and remain interested in helping their efforts as well. This is not intended to be a competitor or replacement for those projects.

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