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Index finger cramping up on you? Annoyed at having to click on things all the time when in menus? Try AutoClicker, the tiniest FNV mod I ever made.

When in any kind of menu, AutoClicker will try to click on any clickable button that you hover over, about once a second. Feel free to adjust the quest frequency in the GECK to suit your tastes - I'm not making an MCM menu for something this small.

Don't start complaining about how AutoClicker clicks on stuff without waiting for you to give the go-ahead, that's exactly the point. You can, however, stop it from clicking at any time by holding the key you use to crouch. This is especially useful when in dialogue, because that counts as a menu too.

It won't work on menu elements that are not clickable, or have no <id> tag. (Sadly, this includes many mod-added menus, such as MCM sliders and the like). Still, it *should* work fine in most vanilla menus. And if not, well, then not. At least it saves you some RSI-inducing clicks in others.

Tested fine in the main menu, the pip boy, & the skills & perks menus that show up on level-up. I have no idea if it somehow messes up other sorts of menus like lockpicking and hacking. If so, I'll probably hear about it.

Requires NVSE 5.0.3+ & the JIP plugin 18+

Kudos to hlp & JIP.

Public Domain.
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