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iceStormNGs Groza

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Version: 1.0.2



This mod adds the Russian OTs-14 assault rifle to the game.
It's fully animated and comes with various customizations.
It's designed in such a way, that you can use it almost anytime in the game. From when you find it till the end.

How To Acquire:

The weapon can be found a few times in the world (two in the Commonwealth, one in Nuka World).
It can also be crafted at the chemlab. It requires a Nuka World AK (Handmade Rifle) for crafting.

It can be chambered in 7.62x39mm (Groza-1) with a 30rd mag or 9x39 SP6 (Groza-4) with a 20rd mag.
The first one is from the Nuka World DLC, the latter one is added by the mod.
9x39mm can be crafted at the chemlab in packs of 20 rounds.


The gun has several modification options.

Most important is the variant of the Groza

  • Stealth: With suppressor. No muzzle slot.
  • Grip: Forgrip for better handling and optional muzzle attachment.
  • GRL: Grenade Launcher variant. Use the workbench or the toggle item to switch between rifle and launcher mode.

Otherwise, there are sights, muzzle attachments, caliber and receiver.

Caliber has a big impact on the gun.

  • 9x39mm SP6: High damage, reduced RoF, reduced range, higher recoil
  • 7.62x39mm: Reduced damage, higher RoF, better range, less recoil

9x39mm SP6 is devasting in closer range, 7.63x39mm is more effective and stable on longer ranges.
Keep in mind, that the Groza is not a sniper rifle and has a rather short barrel.
It's effective at close to medium range.

Grenade Launcher:

The grenade launcher needs VOG25 grenades. Those can be crafted at the chemlab under Grenades.


  • The PSO-1 scope use the regular 1PV overlay. If you want see-through scopes, feel free to patch it yourself.
  • The GRL toggle item will always toggle the currently equipped Groza. If no Groza is equipped, nothing will happen.
  • Damage is balanced against vanilla weapons.
  • The gun has no 3PV animations for Power Armor... because... fu$* Power Armor.
  • Due to being a bullpup rifle, it might clip a bit here and there in 3rd person.
  • Requires game version 1.10.162 or later.


Thanks goes to Garkain (CGTrader) for modelling this great model.
Also a big "Thank you" to my Patreons for supporting my work and allowing me to purchase and add more high quality assets to mods.


  • Garkain (CGTrader) for the Groza 3D mode
  • gazu (CGTrader) for Apital PEQ-15
  • samindeed (CGTrader) for the Kobra Gen 3 Sights
  • steffe-engdahl (CGTrader) for the various muzzle brakes and compensators.


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