[FO4] Purged Menu - 08.08.2021 - v1.3

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[FO4] Purged Menu - 08.08.2021 - v1.3

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LAST UPDATE: 08.08.2021 (Version 1.3)



Yet another main menu cleaner... I was using a F4SE dependent mod for this job but I'm tired of Bethesda's unnecessary updates and long waits for my F4SE dependent mod updates.. So I tried to edit the main menu. Actually I made it for myself but I decided to share it with my fellow wastelanders.
It doesn't require F4SE, and it replaces "mainmenu.swf" it's simple, easy and compatible with everything.


Removes CC News Panel completely. No more spam.
Removes unnecessary buttons on the main and in-game menu keeping it minimal and neat. (Couple of times I clicked Mods instead of MCM on the vanilla menu... I really hate those buttons.)
(Optional) Removes the logo. It's for people who want their main menu even less intrusive.
(Optional) Removes quicksave button and moves MCM button to the 3rd place. So you'll have save button on the top.
(Optional) Enables save button on survival mode.


Fallout 4 only, obviously...


It's compatible with any mod including MCM and DEF_UI, it does not affect save games, and perfectly safe to uninstall or reinstall whenever you want.


Use a modern mod manager like Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex; it has a fomod installer.


I spent way too much time trying to edit the swf and loading the game over and over to see the outcome; I hope you like it.


Developers of JPEXS for their awesome and useful flash editor.
Dagobaking for Moddingham and for allowing me upload my mod here.
Bethesda no matter what they do I'm still grateful for Fallout games.


Version 1.3 (08.08.2021)
Minor tweaks.

Version 1.2 (20.11.2019)
Added the option to enable save button on survival mode.
Rearranged the fomod installer.

Version 1.1 (08.11.2019)
Made some small visual improvements (like centering the menu buttons panel to the menus).
Added the option to remove the quicksave button.
Made an all-in-one fomod installer.

Version 1.0 (04.08.2018)
Initial release.


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Re: [FO4] Purged Menu - 08.08.2021 - v1.3

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Finally something I needed that I didn't even realize I needed ! :ugeek:

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Re: [FO4] Purged Menu - 08.08.2021 - v1.3

Post by druidx_na »

Hello, i love the idea of this mod, i was also curious if there is any way for there to be compatibility for https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods ... escription mcm booster as it would overwrite mainmenu.swf

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