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Pace Yourself

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Pace Yourself is a small utility mod for FNV that you can use to remind yourself you've been playing for a certain amount of time and should probably stop for a while. You can then simply dimiss the message, choose to be reminded again later, or leave yourself a note that will be displayed next time you start the game in order to remember what you were about to do.


NVSE 5.1.4 +

JIP 55+

JohnnyGuitar 2+


Both the messages you send yourself, and when they should be displayed, are easily customizable in the .ini file that comes with it. You can be as passive-aggressive to yourself as you like.

Every section in the ini comes with the following fields:

Msg=the actual message that is displayed to you.

Time=after how many minutes it should be displayed since game start (FirstMsg) or the last time you got a message (the Reminders).

DismissOption=the text for the button where you simpy want the message to go away

SnoozeOption=the text for the button where you ask to be reminded again later

NoteOption=the text for the button where you want to leave a note

By default, there is one first message, and 3 reminding messages for when you hit the proverbial snooze button before. You can actually add more reminding messages if you want: simply follow the conventions of the previous ones, and leave the SnoozeOption empty for the last one.


Dedicated to the public domain with CC.0


Whipped this up in about an hour. Untested, I have other things to do. Should be fine. If not, I'll hear about it. If you want it to do more, or less, or do things differently, you're welcome to do it yourself, see Perms.


As always, kudos to the coders who made the script functions I use.

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